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Friday, 19 November 2010

Misty Morning

Before I started work earlier this week, there was a morning that just cried out for a few minutes of my time.
Early morning mist when the sun is not too far behind just lends itself. I love the light, the trees in the mist and this particular morning was frosty too.

It is on such mornings that the light changes at such a rapid rate, your can almost watch the sly clearing as you look at it. As the sun comes out everything becomes amazingly colourful. I think this next image looks almost surreal but I know it is a fairly good replication apart from the steam on my breath which you can't see.

Beneath my feet, the ground crunches and the leaves sparkle with frost in the first rays of light.

The sun comes up over the low lying mist and for a little while, everything is magical.

On such mornings, Enya should be singing in the background!