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Friday, 17 October 2008

Fridays Fable - Believe

This weeks Friday's fable almost didn't make it. I have had a lot happening this week. However, I was inspired by another blog catalogue user who had writen a poem that I enjoyed the other day. I asked him to write me a fairy poem for you all and he did :D


What is it about adulthood
That destroys a child’s mind
Open to the possibilities
That there are fairies of every kind

There is a tooth fairy, Christmas fairy
A fairy godmother too
Fairies that live in the garden
Frolicking the entire year through

Because everyone knows a fairy
In fact you know one well
Just think back to your childhood
Her name was Tinkerbelle

So when standing in your garden
Show them you believe
Let them sprinkle you with fairy dust
And a wish you shall receive

So my thanks to James, who I think is very talented, his blog is here: A Life Of Rhyme

Actually, I love this poem and will take bets on the fact that I will be able to recite it by heart before too long. It is that sort of poem *big grins*.
The image I have chosen to go with it is a favourite artist illustrator Arthur Rackham. Oddly enough this one was taken from the book Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens by J. M Barrie

Happy Friday