Monday, 2 December 2013

Festive Sewing and Other Things

November and I managed to catch two colds one after the other so, I spent the month in a Lemsip haze. So, it was time for some quiet, home type things. In one of the shops I saw some material bunting and wanted to make some for my fireplace to decorate for the Christmas season. I have a lovely garland but, it is covered with glitter that gets everywhere....besides I am going through my vintage period.
This was probably as a result of coming across a Magazine called Daphne's Diary. It was new out last month but, I really enjoyed it. I love flea markets, vintage and shabby chic and so, it thoroughly cheered me up leafing through the pages between coughing fits.
Then when I paid a visit to a local craft shop, I came across some beautiful, vintage inspired materials from Tilda "Making Memories". So, now not only was a I going to make bunting but, some hearts too. For the hearts, I got a template off the Internet and stretched it in photoshop until it was the shape I wanted.
I wanted a little motif for them too. so, I found an old linen tablecloth, cut out small pieces with pinking shears and then stamped on them with a rubber stamp using Memento. It was quite kind to me and didn't bleed or anything so I sewed them to the front of the heart before I stitched them together.
I filled them with a small amount of polyester filling and attached the buttons and ribbon. The little flower is crochet. I found a really good tutorial for getting them nice on here
For my bunting, the one I had seen was finished inside out using pinking shears. But, this was a little too rustic for me. I don't mind things fraying but, we could easily be back to the land of the glitter with showers of cotton instead. Eventually, I found a nice tutorial on this site.
This worked pretty well for me...I sorted my own template and I did use the instructions. One thing I would say I often had to neaten up edges with scissors and getting the pointy bits, pointy sounds easier than it is.
I did want it for my fireplace though and as such, I did measure and plan especially where the colours were going to fall. I am yet to sort out my Christmas decorating but, when I do, I will try and remember to post a picture of the fireplace when it is finally decked out.
Art wise, I have also done a little and pulled out the colour pencils for some time consuming but, restive art. This one was inspired from a lovely photo from Bob Keppel on Paint My photo. I loved the photo but, at time when I was making this, I was sure, I couldn't have chosen a more diffciult subject!

Somewhat easier and from my imagination was this one using pastels and coloured pencils.

I have had fun making some things that I  haven't done for ages. So, Whilst I could have done without the colds, I have at least been creative with my time. Meanwhile, I am knitting rabbits but, more on that one next time.............I hope all my blogging friends are in good health! :D


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

hopefully you dont catch any more colds!
very nice art :) the flames on the candles is well done
sky would just think the little heart were dog toys and steal them :p

Sue Clinker said...

Great to see a post from you Chrissy and haven't you been busy. Love all the crafty bits.

That cp drawing is lovely - would make a brilliant xmas card. I keep thinking about attempting a still life but haven't found anything inspiring enough to drag me away from the furry/four-legged subjects

Hope you feel better soon

kaslkaos said...

Oh Yay! A new blog post. I now have wifi and a tablet, so I can curl up with your words and pictures again.
Lovely work as always!

CherryPie said...

I hope you are back up to full health soon :-)

Although it seems your under-weather state has allowed you to be very creative ;-)

soulMerlin said...

Hi Chrissy - It's good to visit your blog and I hope you're ok. I've just joined you on Google + and I'm getting back to blogging again. A four year layoff seems to have renewed my enthusiasm!



CherryPie said...

just popping in to say Hi. I hope you are well. xx