Saturday, 12 October 2013

Creating a Storm

It has been a while.....I had to laugh. My last post was the end of the winter and now we are almost back to the beginning of one!
A whole summer ~ where did it go?
I spent a lot of it taking photographs and hopefully improving my technique. Sadly, I got very little art done. I got to August before I realised I was totally uninspired in that direction. I did complete a few things in pastels and coloured pencils but, nowhere near my usual output.

I did mange this one and a couple of others but, that was a while ago. One of my thoughtful artists friends must have realised what was happening and very kindly sent me a book ~ "The Artists Way" by Julia Cameron. I started to read it before I went on my holidays and made up my mind to follow it when I got back. So, after settling back down and getting the washing done, I started working through it at the beginning of this week. Yes, I did write my pages every morning this week.
However, I had no idea how much silly things were annoying me or indeed the extent of my "lack of imagination". In only a few days, I had made some resolves and set to work to do something. Now I love coloured pencil and pastels but, often they don't push me into freedom! For me, I need this to get my creativeness going.
So, I decided if I was at such a loss, I would work myself through one of my books. For ages I have had a copy of David Bellamy's book ~ Watercolour Landscape. I have begun to work my way through. Landscapes are not something I do very often and it is different following someone else's techniques. But, it is basics and I have started right at the beginning. The first lesson is on tone. I didn't find it too difficult apart from the fact that I did this on paper by far too small for me which, made it difficult to add detail and I lacked freedom when it came to bigger sweeps with the paint.

However, I am loving the mix of some detail with some very bold painting. One thing I am going to make myself do is every exercise out of the book, I also do another using one of my own photo's. Already this morning I started one using this photo which I took in Wales during the summer which of course with the above colour combination will turn it into a stormy scene.

I have already experienced one disaster which has ended up in the bin. I was using practice watercolour paper and sadly the quality has already let it down when I did a very strong and sweeping sky. So, a new one will soon commence with decent paper!
I have also started some small paintings in my sketchbook based on anything I see out on my walks. Rather than use a photo I am bringing them back and working from life. Hopefully, I may get around to some small sketches too. The aim is little and often.

Meanwhile, I hope all my blog friends are well.....and a special thanks to Yvonne for providing me with some much needed inspiration X


carolottaway said...

So glad that you are back! The bunny is so adorable and soft.

Maybe I need that book too, my creative juices have definitely dried up, lol

CherryPie said...

I have missed you.

Welcome back :-)

I am looking forward to you new inspirations.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

welcome back :)

going to have to check that book out and give it a read :)

forgetmenot said...

Chrissy, Nice to see a post on your blog. It looks like you are exploring some new areas in art. Always good to expand your horizons and do some different things. Your work is always beautiful--you are soooo talented. Mickie