Sunday, 27 January 2013

The Beginning of a Year

It has been a while since I last posted and I think that was because I had so little to say. January is probably one of my least favourite months. For sure, it is when I have the least inspiration and that has definitely taken it's toll on my art. However, it is a time when I think things through and almost like the early buds on the trees, ideas are formed and it is a thinking and rationalising time. Normally I would be itching to get out in the garden looking obsessively for the first signs of life so I can get my macro out. But, instead I have gone with the flow...... I don't ever make New Years resolutions......but, somehow in the quiet of it all, there have been a few changes:
1. The house got a bit of a clear out. As I write I now I have another large bag for the clothes recycle! Other things that had truly annoyed me for ages got thrown out and is a GOOD feeling.

2. I have read more than usual and some books that perhaps I normally wouldn't. One of which was The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh which I loved on many levels. Not only did I enjoy the story but, I loved learning more about flowers and their meanings.

3. I have used the time to cook again. So many things from scratch after treating myself to a slow cooker and I have really enjoyed seeking out new recipes.

 4. I took more time to go out with the camera walking and take winter scenery!

5. I rationalised some of my on line presence that was becoming a chore. So you will see that Fine Art America has been removed from my sidebar.

6. I have contacted a stock photo company and passed their quality control and now have lots of photographs uploaded and key worded. Strangely the whole experience has been quite educational and has certainly provided me with some new photographic goals for the forthcoming well as going through existing photos with a technically critical eye...........This also had the benefit of making me tidy up my existing photos. There were some that I had never even opened!

7. I have only made art when I felt like it...which hasn't been that often. I think my only production this month was inspired by the discussions of the portrait of the Duchess of Cambridge.

8. I have booked myself onto some wonderful short 3/4 hour courses which really appeal to me. The first one of those is coming up soon and is "Identifying trees in Winter".

9. I finished my sketchbook project and sent it off to Brooklyn. I look forward to the updates but, decided this year, I AM going to take more time out to update MY own journal.
10. In the recent bad weather I took an hour out very day to feed the birds and actually sit and watch them.

All in all, it hasn't been one of my most dynamic of months.....but, it has been interesting.


Sharon Whitley said...

wow it sounds to me like you have achieved a lot - (a lot more than I have anyway!) beautiful photography as always and your portrait of the duchess is wonderful!

Peter Hunt said...

You have been busy,lots of interesting entries here.Spring hopefully will be with us soon.

CherryPie said...

It is lovely to hear from you again. It sounds like you have been having a fun chill out time and a well deserved rest.

Lovely photos as usual.

carolottaway said...

WOW! You have been very busy. I felt that way with my blog. Trying not to anger the blog gods and sticking to one thing has made my blogging experience a chore and just not fun anymore. I have a lot of interests and come across a lot of interesting things. I don't have many subscribers, so I decided the hell with it and will post what I want to LOL... There is a such thing as the Art of Living, right?