Tuesday, 7 February 2012

A New You

It is my final week on my course this week. It was very varied and whilst I am not exactly "new" (I am sure Andy will be glad about that), it has been informative and I have enjoyed it a lot. I have met some wonderful people and tried some new experiences. Throughout the time we have had a go at Pilates, Zumba and walking for fitness. We have covered healthy eating, cooking and creative writing followed last week by some crafts.
There was a whole day spent on Eco Chic (making new from old) and not only was it good fun but we were shown examples of how people used to make do and mend with exhibits from a museum in Ludlow. I made a little kneeling blanket for when I am out and about with my camera, it will easily fit in my camera bag and protect my dodgy knee a little when I am using the macro. Just don't look too closely at my lines!

On one of the days we had a talk from the Shropshire Wildlife Trust and I am sure you can imagine that I enjoyed that one. In fact we also had a practical session where we made fat balls and a nest box.

Impressive eh? ;)

We did some teabag folding which is very effective for cards and decorations at little or no cost. Sadly, I think my efforts got a little squashed!
Working on practical things for a change also inspired me to pull out the beads for the first time in a while at home and get those pliers working again...

I am almost sad that it is coming to an end but, I have taken away just how much you can diversify in a different environment. For anyone in Shropshire that would enjoy something like this, details can be found in the ACE magazine from the Gateway. This one was held in Shrewsbury but, further venues are planned. Incidentally, I will also miss the lovely lunch!


CherryPie said...

It sounds like a very fun and varied course :-)

ShySongbird said...

It sounds like you have had a great time and very productive too. The little blanket looks far too pretty to throw on the ground!

Tea bag folding?!!!!

ShySongbird said...

Ah! I just looked it up, I didn't think there could be anything artistic to be done with a used tea bag or unused for that matter... and I was right :-)

Carol said...

Wow, those are some diverse projects;) I'm so glad this was a good experience for you and your kneeling blanket is so pretty, I love the colors. Pretty necklace too.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

never heard of teabag folding before, will have to look it up

very pretty bead work :D sounds like a really great course to have done