Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Christmas Advent Magic - Day 6

It was holiday times as a child when I can recall ever watching the television. I seem to remember two distictly separate times of Watch with Mother. The first ones were when I was very young such as Bill & Ben and Andy Pandy. But, after my brother was born, there are another set in my mind that are perhaps not so well known. This one is an episode of Pogles Wood entitled "the Crown" which was screened in 1967. Viewers will perhaps understand why I have chosen this particular episode when they see the mysterious arrival of a baby. However, this baby is the son of the King of Fairies!

For some reason, not many people seem to recall this series and perhaps it was because they were put into storage for more than 40 years! Showing my age here.....However, it was one of my favourites. Watching it now and I can see why I would have loved it, set in the woods with fairies and talking flowers!
Further reading can be found on the Pogles Wood website.
Oh and whilst I have a few more animations planned for this advent series, I promise that any further ones will be in colour! ;)


sue said...

I never watched the Pogles but really enjoyed this taste of nostalgia - what children's TV was all about in the 60s.

I was more into TopCat as a young child then Batman & Robin by the time Pogles was popular

Just seen from the credits that Pogles was written by Oliver Postgate (Bagpuss author) and he lived a couple of miles down the road from me near Whitstable. Must explore more of his works methinks :-)

forgetmenot said...

I have fond memories of many of the childhood shows I watched. It is always fun to look back on some of those early years--many memories that evoke warm, wonderful feelings. Mickie :)
(What could be better than fairies and talking flowers)!!!!

marmari2011 said...

Rag,Tag, and Bobtail was much more my thing.
Although I did like Bill and Ben too.

CherryPie said...

I never encountered Pogles Wood when I was a youngster. But I do remember the others :-)

Cathy Holtom said...

I'll show my age and admit I loved the Pogles as a child!
Lovely Christmas posts Chrissy!