Monday, 5 December 2011

Christmas Advent Magic - Day 5

With the snow covering the Shropshire hills this morning, I thought it was time for this post. Whilst, it is lovely to see nostalgia and people all seemingly enjoying themselves, it is also important to remember that life or Christmas is not always perfect. Sometimes, you have to dig hard for the magic!

One time that stands out for me was following the break up of my marriage. My son was ten at the time and we were coming up for the first Christmas. The decision as to where he should spend Christmas was a no brainer, the options were alone with me or with his Dad, Nan and stepbrothers. So, I prepared for my first Christmas alone. I decided that I was going to go for a walk on Christmas morning in the Shropshire Hills which is a place of outstanding beauty. Sadly, when the day came, I drove there and it was raining. Not only was it raining but the mist was coming down heavily and I knew better than to go walking in that. The mist over those hills is renowned for thickening rapidly and creating a disorientation effect. So, I sat in the car for a little while feeling a little sorry for myself ;)

At the same time I thought back to a book that I had once read regarding someone being lost in those hills which had a big impact when I read it. It was of those books that stayed with me and was written by Rev. Donald E. Carr in 1865. It isn't a Christmas book but written in the depths of winter when the weather was at it's most severe. Historically it is of interest too because it provides an insight to the hamlets and villages in the area. If you are not a very religious person, don't be put off by it being written by a Reverend, although he does talk a little about his faith, it is a very factual account of a night where he got lost in the snow. There are no sudden revelations of light other than snow blindness. Recalling it was my reminder that sometimes in life a little adversity comes your way and there are degrees of adversity! Incidentally, afterwards I went on to have lunch with a girl friend in similar circumstances followed by an evening in a nice warm house looking at my Christmas tree lights with a glass or two of wine :)

The book is called A Night in the Snow and is only a short read if you have an hour or so to spare. It is available on several internet sites as an ebook or is also available for Kindle on Amazon for £0.00.

I will be back with a big dose of nostalgia tomorrow ;)


sue said...

Thanks for sharing Chrissy.

My first marriage broke up just before Xmas also so I can relate.

My best friend was never able to spend Xmas with 'her man' who always spent the day with his ex wife and their children so we used to go for a long ride on Xmas day (me on my horse and my friend on a 'borrowed' one) we always dressed the horses up in tinsel etc and rode to a nearby pub where the landlord allowed us to 'park' in the car park and have a drink.
We had fun in our own way and I wouldn't change those memories for anything.

Look forward to seeing what other little gems you have planned for the rest of the Advent blog posts :-)

Chrissy said...

Thanks for your comment Sue. I was very concious when I started this that the traditions of Christmas are very much geared towards family time. Of course, for many reasons it is not always possible ........Your time with your friend sounds like fun in a different kind of way. Being on your own can be difficult for the season although I think being with the wrong person can be the loneliest of all.

CherryPie said...

Thank you for sharing. Christmas time can be a difficult time of year for people, especially if they are alone.

Personally I have always had more of a problem with New Years Eve.