Thursday, 1 December 2011

Christmas Advent Magic - Day 1

I like Christmas! However, I know that a lot of people don't enjoy the season for a variety of reasons and I have to say that I think the commerciality of it all has got a little too much. I know it can also be a very difficult time for missing loved ones for whatever reason, being on your own and also the stress of trying to "get it right" on the day. But, I thought I would post up a few personal thoughts and favourites. These are a few things that over the years has made Christmas magical for me. Oh, and despite it being rather nice, there won't be a video of the John Lewis advert!

I have previously posted up a clip from the film A Christmas Carol. However someone has since posted up a much better quality version. As a child, I loved the book and read it avidly, it was my favourite Charles Dickens book of all time. This film with George C Scott was filmed in Shrewsbury and those that are old enough will recall the town being transformed as they filmed it. Those that are too young will maybe have to guess at the places in the film. There are some of my favourite childhood haunts used in the settings and one that really springs to mind is the ghost in the tunnel with those eerie drips in the background but, I think you will have to view subsequent parts to get to that bit. However, this is Part One:

I still love the thought behind the fiction although, sometimes I still find myself muttering "Humbug" on occasion!


sue said...

We're not 'Christmas people' but I can still appreciate ' A Christmas Carol ' and the atmosphere this clip evokes - before it all became so horribly commercial and competitive.

Bah Humbug indeed :-)

marmari2011 said...

Very good Chrissy I am looking forward to Part 2
Call me a sourpuss if you want but we look forward to getting away from the family at Christmas.So like last year we are spending Christmas in Egypt.
Although they do put on a Christmas Show at the hotel with belly dancer and pantomime camel and
not forgetting the Whirling Dervisher of course.