Saturday, 19 November 2011

Big Bad Wolf

For the first time in while a I did a wildlife subject. This one was another from Paint my Photo and I loved it. It is pastels on pastelmat. As yet I haven't fixed it, has anyone tried fixative on pastelmat or have any other methods?

I have made him a little more fierce looking than the original but I didn't want it to look like a domestic animal.

Meanwhile, we went out taking some more bird photography last weekend which is over on my photography blog. I am using one of Andy's for my latest work in progress. He managed to capture a lovely Blue Tit hanging from an old branch. It is a bit of a breakway for me so we will see how it goes....Incidentally I seem to be getting a big nasty line across some of my photo's in blogger lately. I have had to upload this one twice. Is anyone else getting this...if you look at the last big firework in my fireworks post, you can see what I mean!


Macpurp said...

he is just stunning! great job there my lovely xx

Love teen xx

CherryPie said...

I love the challenging expression on his face.

I have not noticed any line across photos. When I look at your last firework, I do not see any line in that photo either.

forgetmenot said...

Very nice job, Chrissy. He almost looks like you could reach out and touch him. Beautifully done!!! Have a nice weekend. Mickie ;)

nessy said...

just stunning chrissy!!looks so real!
vanessa xx

kaslkaos said...

Nope, no green nasty lines on mine...weird. Stunning wolf image, and you've succeeded in making him look feral but not nasty. Wild.

Jennifer Rose said...

o.0 gorgeous fur!

no green line here either

spraying it with fixative usually doesn't stop it from smudging completely :/ spraying with a varnish can help but might take a few layers. with the pastels, really the only way to make sure its untouched, is behind glass :/

sue said...

I've had some 'strange' things on my uploaded photos but when I refresh the page they 'repair' themselves.

Anyway, great job on the wolf - he has wonderful eyes.

With pastels on more textured paper like Fisher 400 or pastelmat (which hold the pastel better) I usually just hold the picture over a steaming kettle or saucepan of boiling water - its cheap and it works!