Sunday, 2 October 2011

Skiathos Birds

I suspect that the best time to see birds in Skiathos is during the migration season in early Spring. There are a lot of areas that must provide a great habitat. In the summer, we didn't see too many part from swifts, swallows and sparrows. Going back in September provided greater variety .

Up along one of the mountain roads we came across this Red Legged Partridge who didn't seem awfully phased when I followed it with the camera.

In Kolios bay, this Cormorant was fishing in the shallows and startled us because it came into the shallows under the water with fish jumping in it's wake!

Of course, it didn't hang around whilst I changed lenses, so this shot was slightly more distant!
On the pool at the back of the harbour, we saw this Egret.

I couldn't help but notice that in the area there was an old store/building and was thinking what a great bird hide it would make!

The olive groves around the island lend themselves to insect catching birds such as Shrikes and Flycatchers. Sadly, we didn't see a Shrike this year but we did spot a number of Flycatchers. I spent some time watching this one at Kehria, what an agile little bird.

Finally, my funny shot of the holiday, I think this is a Willow Warbler not overly pleased at my presence.

I would love to go off season with a mobile hide but that would be yet another chunk out of my ever decreasing baggage allowance (thank you Thomsons). By the time I have my camera, lenses and ID books, the clothing we can take is getting less and less. It is perhaps a good thing that Skiathos is relatively informal.


Carol said...

Great pictures as usual..the last one is cute..the little bird is like "WTH!"...

nessy said...

thanks for sharing!
vanessa xx

Jennifer Rose said...

cormorants always look like they are sinking to me :p

sue said...

Great photos as ever Chrissy.

Perhaps you could leave a case of holiday clothes with one of your many friends out there ... then you can take really useful things in your suitcase when you travel :-)

We're lucky that we have our own place on Fuerteventura so can travel lightly (and cheaply) with handbaggage only.

Amazing how many packs of cheddar cheese, decent teabags and paperback books you can get in a Ryanair sized bag when you try hard! Then in Winter months there's always deep pockets in coats which will take an extra book or two!

CherryPie said...

They are all delightful. You must have had fun spotting all those birds :-)