Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Creative Expression

Following my journal in Skiathos last year, I have ordered a leather journal in the hope that I spend a little more time recording some of my thoughts, wildlife notes and little incidences that get forgotten in time. Sometimes, I think life has little signs that maybe mean something and maybe not but, I remain open to the possibility that they do. This post is a little expression regarding one of my coincidences.

It started with this demoiselle in Skiathos floating down the stream.

I then went on to learn some interesting things about the magical forest in Skiathos and questions that I had thought about for a while were answered by a lady who also has a deep love of nature. So, I finally put the thoughts and words from my head into some poetry....given that I am 30 years rusty writing anything in rhyme. And for me, it does have to rhyme. I am a traditionalist!

Late in the summer, floating downstream
Sparkles of light glisten and gleam,
A dainty demoiselle catches a ride
Before fingers of Autumn cause heat to subside.

Seasonal shapes crumple and furl
Twisting and falling, gracefully swirl.
Icy branches of frost creep and form
Contours of twisted russets adorn.

Winter, the host, standing still and bare
With his arms outstretched in cold, crisp air.
Silently dormant in the elements, he waits
For the harbinger of Spring to unlock the gates.

Ephemeral first signs, the buds burst again
Bright leaves, emergence, the fresh and the green
Soft misty rain above the canopy
Then sun will shine on the Sycamore tree.

We have been back for over a month now and it almost seem that wherever I go sycamore leaves and trees keep cropping up over again. When I was contemplating this outside, this leaf simply materialised in front of me. I thought I would paint it and articulate it all.

Good practice for my journal.....


Carol said...

I love the leaf.

Chrissy is a poetess! Am I saying that right? Your words are beautiful and I hope you will have more up your sleeve;)

Macpurp said...

loved the poem, loved the photo and adored the painting!

much love Teen xx

CherryPie said...

I love the contrast in that top image and your poem is beautiful :-)

I always choose a particular car park at work. It is a little way from my building I like the walk to blow away the cobwebs. The walk takes me along a road lined with sycamore trees.

They rustle and blow in the wind and are beautiful and shady in summer. They are now turning to rich golden colours and dropping their leaves onto the world below.

As I walk past each morning, there are two men with there leaf blowers making sure the leaves are in a neat pile. At least for the day (until the wind disperses them), that is MoD thinking, I know you will understand the quirkiness ;-)

EG Wow said...

I hope your leather journal will inspire you to keep your journal!

EG Wow said...

By the way, I very much like your photos of the leaves. And the damselfly looks exquisite on the orange one.

kaslkaos said...

Oh were to start...
lovely autumn poem, beautiful painting, awesome photograph. All a joy to behold and read.

timethief said...

beautful images + beautiful poetry = beautiful mind

Gillian said...

Beautiful leaf painting - golden and fragile.

Thank you for commenting on my blog - I'm going to enjoy yours too! x

forgetmenot said...

Chrissy, I'd say you weren't too rusty with your writing skills--lovely poem. Beautiful thoughts put down in a beautiful way--very nice job. Lovely photo and wonderful painting--you capture Autumn's beauty very well. Have a nice weekend. Mickie :)

Debra Dickson said...

What an evocative shot...she is so iridescent! And this part of your poem;
Winter, the host, standing still and bare
With his arms outstretched in cold, crisp air.
Silently dormant in the elements, he waits
For the harbinger of Spring to unlock the gates.
...is brilliant!

Debra Dickson said...

Not that your whole poem isn't wonderful! That particular passage was just particularly resonant! :-)