Monday, 1 August 2011

Worfield MotoX Revisited

Once again we were invited to Hazeley Grange Farm to watch our local Moto X. Which, just like last time was day filled with action, angst (at times) and total nutter appeal. The good thing was that they must have previously prayed to the sun god too because, it is known that when they are hosting, it normally rains. It made me laugh it was so dry and fast that this time they had to water the track. I am sure they were missing the normal mud baths!
Anyway, there was lot of action:

In fact so much that I took hundreds of images which is going to take me ages to sort out!
As always in this kind of situtaion, I have good, bad and crazy!

I love to watch, the combination of very loud encouragement and the banter is always evident ;)

Mind, I do think it is meant to be about who wins...but, from a photographers point of view, I would give prizes for jumping style, LOL

As I said, I am still sorting though images very slowly. But, for more images of the day, check out Andy's post here.

I am also adding a lot to my website which can be found in the gallery of click on the gallery link and you will find them there somewhere. If you happen to find this and are one of the riders, please feel free to add a request. We might not have you but, between us we stand a good chance...and of course more will be added to my website gallery over the next few days.

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CherryPie said...

I love the cool in the air motion shots :-)