Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Bank Holiday Happenings

We usually stay local over the bank holiday not wishing to get too caught up in the onslaught of traffic. Sunday saw us at Worfield once again and we had a great day capturing some of the action. I used my longer lens this time and think the results were better.

I took by far too many images! I have put a small selection over on my website so if you were one of the riders, check them out. However, as always feel free to email, I have another two hundred or so that currently remain unsorted!!

Yesterday we went along to the Bridgnorth Music & Art Festival and enjoyed a great session of Oaken Lee.

I also had a good time people watching. There were some very interesting characters about the town, I love how a festival brings out originality and it was excellent to see people dancing in the street.

Meanwhile on Saturday I started a new art project. Inspired by a comment by Ian at Triple Effect, I pulled out my oil paints that have not yet been used. I love oils but the smell really gets to me. A little while ago I bought some water soluble ones to try. So, I have made a start but my oil painting work is quite slow. I build up in layers and like to let them touch dry in between...so the results might be a while. What I will say is that they are very pleasant to use. No sneezes or wheezes :)


forgetmenot said...

Sounds like you had another "fun" weekend. Great shot of the biker as I'm sure the multitude of other shots are also. Glad you found some oils that don't bother you. Hope you are enjoying your week. Mickie :)

Jennifer Rose said...

you can never take too many photos, sometimes you never know what you might capture. then again. if you are spending the whole time staring through a camera lens, you miss a lot.... :p

sounds like a really nice time was had :)