Wednesday, 29 December 2010


It has been a few weeks since I have undertaken any art work at all. But, as it snowed so heavily, the road conditions were awful over the Christmas period so it seemed like a good time to chill out and do a little bit of painting.
I joined Paint My Photo earlier this year but had not had any time to sort out photo's to upload to the site. So, over the few days off, I rectified that and hope that some of my photo's are now providing some material for other artists.
I was rewarded when I also found some wonderful photographs uploaded by others which gave me the inspiration I needed to paint again. Sometimes, it takes something a little different.

I really loved painting this little one in her Grandma's hat. So, as it is nearly the New Year, I wish you all a healthy, inspired 2011.


sue said...

Thats absolutely gorgeous Chrissy ... I was going to ask what medium it is but saw 'watercolour' is one of your label words (bit of a clue there then)!!

I'm a member of paint my photo also but haven't got round to posting photos or using any of the others on offer yet. Its on my 'do do' list.

I'm glad you were inspired to paint this lovely picture and hope the inspiration and enthusiasm carries through to 2011!!

Sandy said...

Great job on this!! I went and checked out that site and joined.

Can't wait to follow along and see what you do in 2011.

Carol said...

She is absolutely beautiful..I love the hat! The way you capture skintones is just awesome. Is this watercolor?

poindextr said...

she's just completely adorable! Just want to pull her onto my lap and read her a story. Or join her in an impromptu tea party. or both. :) Wishing you joy and prosperity in the new year. xoxo

CherryPie said...

That is so gorgeous, you have captured her perfectly :-)

Happy New Year to you too :-)

Jennifer Rose said...

wonderful job :D that site has a lot of great photos to get inspiration from.
happy new year to you!

Chrissy said...

Hi Sue, I am really enjoying Paint my Photo, it seems to be friendly and really has got my thinking head on. Not only for some different subjects for me but, also others. Thanks for your good wishes and lovely comment. Happy New Year.

Sandy, I would love to see you there so please do add me as a friend so I cn see what you are up to as well.

Carol, thank you for your encourgement as always :) It is watercolour, I always forget to say, doh! Have a good one and thank you for your friendship in 2010 :-)

Diane, thank you so much, I wish you many smiles for 2011 as I have said elsewhere. Hugs XX

Cherie, thanks very much...I have enjoyed meeting with you this year on our blogs and look forward to more in 2011 :-)

Jen, thanks a lot. It does indeed have plenty to inspire. It works very well on many levels. There are some people that don't even paint or draw who are just happy to provide images which is lovely in a somewhat material world nowadays. Have great 2011 ;)

forgetmenot said...

Such a delicately done painting of a sweet little girl (love the hat). Chrissy, your artistic talents encompass so many different areas. Your paintings are lovely, your photos are excellent, and your many other projects so creative. Happy New Year--I look forward to seeing your work in 2011.

Lana Gramlich said...

That painting's wonderful hon! Keep up the great work!

kaslkaos said...

I've been such a recluse over the past few weeks. Missed so much, but wow, this is really gorgeous. You have such a delicate touch.