Friday, 6 August 2010

Coincidental Things

Last week I went to look at a local art exhibition, I went last year too. I do enjoy seeing what other people are up to and this exhibition being local made it easy for me. It was put on at St Leonard's church by the Bridgnorth and District Art Society.
I really enjoyed looking at lots of lovely pieces but one or two stood out to me, as often is the case. As soon as I saw this picture, I thought of moving in with Andy and the hours we spent watching the spuggies in the garden so it was meaningful. Also intriguing was that it had been done in coloured pencil, which is not a well known medium in exhibitions!
So I bought it, it is called "The Gathering" and is by a local artist, Sandie Philips.

I waited a few days to pick it up as I didn't want to mess up an exhibition but got to meet the artist when I did. A further coincidence is that she told me these are the railings up by the hospital. It made me laugh as I seem to have spent so much time there this year. She also had some other lovely work and tells me that her rendition of Bridgnorth won the "People's Choice" award too, so no doubt she will featured in the local Journal next week. It is good to see talented people get a little recognition. Furthermore, the other people I met all seemed really interesting. So, hopefully at some point, I may well go along and join in with a few of their evenings. I also have another piece of art for the walls :D


nessy said...

what an amazing piece of art ~can see why you bought it!
vanessa xx

sue said...

I've never heard sparrows called spuggies before ... lovely word!

I think coloured pencil work is getting much more popular now and besides the two exhibitions held by the UK Coloured pencil society each year, I've seen cp work at a couple of smaller exhibitions recently. Good news!!

Lovely drawing and congrats to the artist!

a message from gillyflower said...

hi chrissy sorry haven't been around for so long
didn't realise you have been poorly but so glad you are on the mend now
what a gorgeous picture can see why you chose it
been looking through you blog you have some wonderful work will try and pop by more often
take care

CherryPie said...

As I was reading down, my thought was I hope Chrissy bought the picture ;-)

I love it, it is very beautiful, how special that you got the chance to meet the artists. I think that is because you had the patience to wait :-)

Lana Gramlich said...

A really sweet piece--I can see why you bought it! I didn't know you have a FB biz page, too. Gonna pop over there now & add it to my biz page's faves. ;)

kaslkaos said...

Support of the arts...kudos to you. What a strange coincidence about the hospital.

Bird said...

Gorgeous picture of spadgers (how many names can we think of for them?)- I'm not surprised you bought it. I am very fond of these birds, they died out a bit in our part of town but over the last few years their numbers have grown and they've spread again to within a street of ours - I hope next year I'll wake in spring to their monotonous cheeping :)