Sunday, 24 January 2010

Ludlow for the Day

It was my idea to visit Ludlow for the day, I haven't been there for years and it used to be a favourite place. Ludlow is pretty, it has lots of history, great shops, wonderful locals and some pretentious idiots.
Or it did the last time I went.........
We headed off from Bridgnorth, laughing about our man from London who reckoned you can get there from Bridgnorth in 20 minutes, not on the B4364 you can't. Helicopter, yeah maybe!

Anyway 40 minutes or so later, we got ourselves a parking space by the castle and started to browse around. In fact, almost immediately we found a fabulous art gallery next to the castle tearooms with two very friendly artists, Amanda and David Gray ( More about the gallery below). David told us there was some lovely birds around the castle if we walked and sure enough there were loads of goldfinches and it was a lovely walk with some incredible views.

I enjoyed looking around the market, in fact I had a great time trying on daft hats, browsing and just enjoying the day.
I had a few laughs with the locals, played at being a tourist although it is not really so far away from where I live myself.

I found a gorgeous shoe shop and regret not purchasing some beautiful leather ankle boots in the sale! But, hey....who needs yet more shoes?

Ludlow is known for a gamut of very old buildings, probably the most well known is the Feathers, which is 17th century coaching Inn.

We were going to find ourselves somewhere to eat but have to say Ludlow is full of nice eateries. However, they can be geared towards the pretentious buffoons (thank you Bird ~ ) and I don't know it well enough to sort out the good from the incredibly priced mediocre!
So we grabbed ourselves a decent cup of coffee from the market and a sausage roll from a very nice deli by the market.
We made our way down to the bottom. From the other side of the Teme river we went and took in the views over Ludlow looking out towards the Clee Hills.
It is remarkable scenery for sure.

From an art point of view Ludlow has some excellent resources. I spotted a very up market gallery in the middle of town that boasted art from some very well known names, for one that of David Hockney ~ but, I didn't dare venture in. I cannot afford art that runs into the thousands or millions! Besides, I am not sure that without belittling anyone that I would want to. There are some beautiful examples of wonderful art at a more affordable price.
One of the highlights of our day was meeting Amanda and David. I really enjoyed their gallery which was affordable but elegant.

Andy treated me to a piece of Amanda's glasswork which I am so delighted with, it is beautiful quality.

But, I also really enjoyed seeing David's work, his renditions of Ludlows buildings were wonderful but I personally really liked his depiction of chickens and doors. Their gallery can be found at the entrance to the castle, adjacent to the tea shop.

Which brings me to my conclusion of the day. It was getting late and the light was fading but I really did love this water mill down on the Teme, it is a piece of art that I would like to have a go at some day.

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Anonymous said...
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Jennifer Rose said...

very pretty pendant :D

sounds like a great day and that picture of the water mill would indeed make a lovely painting :)

Poindexter said...

passed up boots on sale! Heaven forbid. I just got a cute cute cute pair on sale a couple of weeks ago after much soul searching and am so glad! The photos tell me that you had a lovely day. That glasswork pendant is so lovely! Are you a collector by chance?

Yvonne Ayoub said...

Lovely post, Chrissy! Looks like somewhere I'd love to visit.... Glad to see all the snow's gone too - but you should have got those boots girl, you deserve to treat yourself once in a while you know!

Chrissy said...

Jen, I do think i might have a go at the Mill at some point but it would be even nicer in the summer..

PD, I can be an odd shopper in many ways and a little indecisive with clothes and things...but right now I need a quality pair of trainers more than anything!
The glass pendant is lovely,I don't really collect things as such but I appreciate good workmanship in lots of things and have some very lovely examples.

Hi Yvonne, you would love Ludlow for sure :) It is full of character and off the wall type shops. Although, I do have to say it is even more lovely in summer, the surrounding hills and countryside are gorgeous. Somehow, I do not think we have seen the last of the snow yet..perhaps I should have got those boots after all ;-) Hope you are keeping well XX

Lana Gramlich said...

Gads, hon...I wish I were with you that day! It all looks so wonderful & fun!

kaslkaos said...

Now I'm jealous, castles, post & beam houses, and gorgeous jewellery! Very lovely pics.

Chrissy said...

Lana and Ingrid. Yeah I do think you both would have enjoyed it, lots to see for artists and nature lovers alike :D

andyc8 said...

Ok girls!... we don't have enough boots in this house then?.....:)

Chrissy said...

AndyC ~ perhaps I should blog my various boots...hehe!