Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Things I Like - Awards and things

I have been remiss in that I was given a lovely friendship award by Tina at Purples, Spurtles, Crystals and Beads
Whilst I can no long remember what I was meant to do with it, I wanted to acknowledge it because Tina is one of those people that over time, I feel I have gotten to know and I do regard her as a friend, she is a lovely person :-)

I have also been given a Saturday meme by Doson who I think is going to be a great songwriter one day. His blog is here, if you get the chance, check out his poetry!

And finally I have been given "A passion for Painting" award from Yvonne Ayoub. I really enjoy both of Yvonnes' blogs, I love her Art Blog one because it is always full of interesting and thought provoking information as well as her art. However, I especially enjoy her "Painting Skiathos" blog because Skiathos is one of my most very favourite places and the art is very synonymous with her surroundings.

I am now meant to list seven things I like and also nominate some others.

1. Cuddles with people that I love
2. Time with people I appreciate
3. Being out in wide open...
4. Flowers
5. Wine
6. Music
7. Cheese

I nominate

Ingrid at Kastle Kaos
Jen at Fuzzy Dragons
Lana at the Dreaming Tree
I think I need to get around a few more artist blogs.........but then I really appreciate the few people that I have built up a relationship with over a year of blogging....cos they count.
By the way, I reckon everyone knows by now, blog it if you wish and don't if you have other things to do right now XX

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Jennifer Rose said...

thank you!! :D Going to have to think of 7 things :)

Kathleen Coy said...

Hi Chrissy, thanks for the nice comment you left on my blog. Your artwork is beautiful!
Have a great day!

Trevor Lingard said...

Hello Chrissy
Thank you for visiting my blog. It has enabled me to look at yours. This is all good stuff.
Right up my street. Kind Regards

Macpurp said...

awwwwwww thank you
much love tina xx

soulMerlin said...

Hi Chrissy ~ I love your Dragon. I'm so happy to see that you still have your picture of me and my Grandson Christopher on your 'slide' widget. Christopher thinks you are very clever to have painted/crayoned it.

Hope that you and Andy are both well.



fairymadjo said...

hi hun, well done on your awards huggs jo x

sam said...

Hi Chrissy, I had a look at your blog last night and had to come back again to take it all in from the Shropshire lass! Very interesting to read through, well done on your award, i will keep watching:o)

Chrissy said...

Hi Jen, you are welcome, I don't think it is too hard to think of seven things. I found it more difficult to think of seven artists, which was inspiration to go looking - and I am glad I did :-)

Kathleen, thank you and if others are looking in, Kathleens artwork fabulous, wonderful animal portraits!

Trevor, thanks very much for looking me up and saying hello. I just would love your latest piece of art for my wall, I really do love it.

Tina, thank YOU - and much love, catch you on facebook when I can eventually suss it out!

Hi Henry, thanks. As I have said before both you and Christopher have the personalities to make you both great subjects. It isn't often that I am inspired to "crayon" people ;-)

Thanks Jo and Hugs to you too. No wonder you have loads of crafting done, I do think you are not sleeping at night!! X

Chrissy said...

Hi Sam, you must have commented whilst I was replying, good to see you and thank you. I shall be watching your blog too :)

earthtoholly said...

Congrats on the awards, Chrissy! Well-deserved for sure. I'll check out Doson's blog as I've noticed that he always leaves very thoughtful comments.

Your hawk up there is beautiful, btw!

Doson said...

LOL thanks for that meme..
Looks like Skippy(aka Lana) got twice :D
You got a nice award A Passion for Painting Congrats..

kaslkaos said...

Oh my. Thank you again. You are wonderful. If I don't blog it, it's because dial-up really sucks and everything I do is so slow, but awards are appreciated. I will find some way to reciprocate.