Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Robin Redbreast

Last week I finally got around to finishing this one. It was really hard to go back to a piece of work after a break. I realised that I normally undertake my work in one go, it may be over several days but I do keep on until a piece is finished. So unlike some artists who have several things on the go at once, it really does not work for me. Unusually for me, I am lacking in ideas for my next piece!

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kaslkaos said...

Absolutely gorgeous Chrissy, and masterful in execution.

Robin Easton said...

Oh dear Chrissy! The "Sweetness" of this little bird moves me deeply. There is something dear that you have capture here that is also in the photos. But in the drawing here you have captured even more of the intimacy of this tiny little creature's life. There is a softness here that I have seen in birds that more relaxed. I think it has something to do with the eyelids and position of the feathers, especially in the head/neck area. You are a gifted artist. There is even an expression of emotion in this little birds face, but it is so subtle as to almost be elusive, at least in terms of knowing how you created that. Again it's a look I've seen in the face of birds that are very relaxed. Just beautiful, Chrissy.
Hugs and love to you dear talented friend,

Jennifer Rose said...

aww cute little plump Robin :D

Mark Alan Meader said...

I don't see simple drawings like this much anymore, not sure why. Maybe not commercial enough? This is a pleasure to see; very fine touch. I like the dog, too!

nessy said...

oh chrissy this is amazing ~you are so talented ~this is gorgeous ~just perfect!!
vanessa xx

Chrissy said...

Thanks Ingrid :)

Robin, I think you have picked up something that was quite important with this one. I was talking to him and he was not scared, just inquisitive. I love it when they are like that, usually typical of our own native birds, the european ones that migrate here are a lot more nervous. Hugs to you :)

Thanks Jen, it was a cold day so he was very fluffed up!

Thanks Mark :)I think that you are right. Because I draw for pleasure, unlike many artists, I don't have to consider the commercial aspect. Good to have a reminder of how freeing that is.

Vanessa, thanks a lot :-)