Wednesday, 18 March 2009

A Leveret in the Nettles

The weather has been rather lovely in the UK over the last few days. As usual we went to the flying field at the weekend although last week it was Sunday.
While we were there, this little fella was by one of the open doors in amongst the nettles.

He has been left there by his Mother and so won't move. She will go back at dusk to feed him, until then he will remain snuggled up and playing dead. Except with perky ears like that it is clear that he is quite well. There is a Hare Preservation trust in the UK, they are diminishing quite rapidly unlike rabbits. Do be aware that this photo was taken with my zoom lens in an effort not to cause distress and he remained pretty much undisturbed.

Meanwhile I did have a go at some very different art for me. I decided to have a play with my watercolour pencils. The object was to create an art piece that "looked" like a watercolour. Here are a couple of my efforts, small images because these are quite small pieces of art for me.

They are not the best work have ever done for sure but I do think I should persevere and see if I can work on the style but tidy it up so to speak.
Meanwhile talking of works of art, I have every respect for those people that actually build planes properly from plans and bits of wood.
Here is one such piece of skill by the name of a Swordfish. Andy was requested to fly it at the weekend and I got to take photographs.

A nice piece of buildin work! Hope everyone is having a great week :-)

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Jennifer Rose said...

your birds look good :D I have a love hate relationship with watercolour pencils, love how much of the paper they cover, but not too keen on how limited I am effects wise compared to actual watercolours.

I thought that was an actual people carrying plane lol its a great piece of work :)

Lana Gramlich said...

There's some kind of colored pencils (Prismacolor, maybe?) that can be wet down on the paper & do end up looking like watercolors. I still haven't played with colored pencils. Just been too busy!
I love the little bunny, btw, & the planes are always very cool!

soulMerlin said...

Ah! Little Baba (not you, the leveret) The blue-tit is just wonderful. I do believe you get better and better Chrissy.



kaslkaos said...

I have the wc pencils too. They are great fun, your pictures are delicate and lovely. Just keep on experimenting to find out what else they do.
The bunny is so sweet. I love your photo's and a glimpse of wildlife from another continent.

Chrissy said...

Jen, I seem to be developing a love/hate relationship too...I need more practice! I agree the plane is cool.
Hi Lana, I do work with a variety of pencil types but had given up on these ...pulled them back out to try something a little different. these wet down...
Henry, he is a cutey isn't he? just don't tell the farmer, LOL. thank you, I am please you like the blue tit, I am not entirely happy but do think I should persevere a bit..
Haha, cheers Ingrid, I was trying to get delicate after seeing your lovely painting of the house...

kaslkaos said...

I never expected to inspire anyone to be 'delicate' since I'm so, erm...'in your face' when using coloured pencil and pastel, but I'm honoured to mentioned here. Thanks. (and I need to learn to subscribe to comments more often...)

Doson said...

Awww.. Did you take that little kid home :D
I am sure if we see such cute animals out here.. people (NOT me) will try to kill it. :(
glad its out there.