Friday, 27 March 2009

Deer on Cannock Chase

Lo everyone... :)
My blogging is getting a little bit hit and miss, a sure sign that the better weather is on it's way. I have been out an about rather than spending time on the computer. I hope you all managed to do the same during the wonderful weather last week. Sadly we are back to the cold but hey, the clocks go forward this week so we will have some much lighter evenings!
So although it was very windy last weekend we did take a trip to Cannock Chase.

These are a couple of my favourite photographs of the deer. They are beautiful :-)

I do think I may need to catch up with some chores this weekend. But, whatever you are up to...have a good one!

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Macpurp said...

oh these are beautiful photos!
enjoy the fresh air.
hugs and love
me xx

Jennifer Rose said...

what lovely things to see :D It was so windy it reminded me of living in Alberta, and its always windy there :p

you have a good weekend too!!

Lana Gramlich said...

Great shots! I love deer. We have them around here, too (white tailed variety,) but we don't see them too often.

nessy said...

wow ~amazing photos chrissy ~ glad you have been enjoying the "good" weather!!
vanessa xx

kaslkaos said...

Good for you. You need to grasp the opportunities when they came. We will wait for you and your blogging, and enjoy your contributions all the more. It must of been wonderful to see those deer. I usually just get glimpses of bobbing tails retreating in the woods.

Doson said...

Great shots..
Where did ya take these shots (in the zoo or somewhere else)

fairymadjo said...

what a stunning set of photo's hun, love them,jo x

Yvonne Ayoub said...

Hi Chrissy!
I have given you the 'Passion for Painting Award'
Check out my blog for details:
Best wishes,

Chrissy said...

Teen, glad you liked them, they make me smile :-)
Jen, the wind drives me crazy but I guess it is that time of year, they are nice to see
Lana, I don't think you usually do see them too often but these are on a fenced off nature area, they don't seem too perturbed by people, I think they have got used to them being there!
Ingrid, thanks for your lovely comment and yes you are right. I also seem to go though periods where I seem to accumulate blogging material and then times when I get to actually blog it.
Doson, no they are on heathland that is managed so quite wild and free which is good I think.
Hi Jo and thank you
Yvonne, thanks very much and for the good read too :-)

Chrissy said...

Nessy, the good weather is supposed to come back, I do hope so :-)

Sadia Hussain said...

Sure signs of Spring and caught in action !
Very nice pictures Chrissy !
Take care and have a great weekend.

earthtoholly said...

Oh, how beautiful. I just love deer and feel so badly for them around here as so much development has encroached on their space. I believe you live in the country? That's great. These guys probably have lots of room to roam as well as privacy. Great photos!

soulMerlin said...

Great shots Chrissy!