Thursday, 31 January 2008

I have been tagged...............

I have been tagged by Vicki …..
You can find Vicki’s site here, I so love her blog name Paperlicious Oasis, it sounds like paper chocolate!

The middle Name Game

These are the rules:-

You must post the rules before you give your answers.
You must list one fact about yourself for each letter of your middle name. Each fact must begin with that letter. If you don't have a middle name, just use your maiden name.
After you've been tagged, you need to up-date your blog with your middle name and answers.
At the end of your post, you need to tag one person for each letter of your middle name. (Be sure to leave them a comment telling them they've been tagged and need to read your blog for details.

Ok, unsurprisingly really my middle name is Marie

So here goes
M is for Macmillan
They are my favourite charity. I had a younger brother called Graham (who I miss very much), but at a time when he and his family really needed help and assistance, this charity were fabulous so I try to support them.

A is for Andy
In the words of James blunt “my life is brilliant” and its because of Andy who encourages me to be me :-)

R is for Remote controlled flying
Which also takes up a considerable amount of my time at the minute my challenge is a Blade 2 helicopter

I is for imagination
LOL, I am told that I have rather too much of it but as previously stated I love all things mystical.

E is for Enya
If I really need to chill, listening to Enya does it for me ………

So I shall now go and tag some others....

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

A stressy day

Did I tell you all that we were in the middle of moving house supposedly. Anyway, it has all gone really pearshaped today :-( My fairy oracle (for those that haven't read before, I do my healing with the Fairies oracle by Doreen Virtue most weeks) was New Location (wry smile on that one), Visualisation and Look inside yourself....I am trying to keep that visualisation but struggling very hard at the minute. I also keep reminding myself that it isn't the end of the world if it falls through, I still have my health and my love. But, no matter how hard I try, it is a bit gutting that almost £2k will have just been spent for nothing and our future is all up in the air - does that make sense?......I am sure the big man upstairs has a plan and he knows better than me but just at the minute, it is hard to understand and my spirit feels a little crushed!
Anyway, back to this weeks cards....fairies. I do love the fairies, I have told or read tales about the fairies for as long as I can remember...Anyway I bought the fairy set from Hathormoon which is simply gorgeous. So, this is one of them, I have since added another bow cos it looked a bit shabby as it was, LOL...:-)

Monday, 28 January 2008

A simple little one...

Hi everyone, well after all that drawing & painting which requires a bit of effort, I wanted to have a go at an easy one. So I had the Lady stamps from Papertrey arrived (yet another ebay purchase LOL and yes I confess, I am addicted )so thought I just want to see how they stamp....Miss impatient I was!
So I used a QVC ready embossed card and stamped directly on to it...

Then I used a few chalks and just highlighted the flowers and the leaves with pink and green using a make up type applicator.
Tis a cute ladybird, I think I will have plenty fun with it....;-)

Sunday, 27 January 2008

Woodland Fairy

And this is one of the three I made................I shall probably give it a rest for a little while now and just do some stamping projects. I will get bored and I do get very critical of my own progress, so its time to turn to something a little easier....well I have already if I was honest (I had all those goodies arrive) but details of those to follow in the week...:-)

And some more sketches

Some better than others!!!LOL I am currently using the one on the left as the basis for a couple of cards.....see how it pans out, I guess....

Some goodies....

Lots of ordered goodies that have arrived......

Sara's Challenge

Hi, Well this is a real quick one from me............the provider turned our internet off on Friday for an upgrade, very nice of them to let us know!! There is going to be disruption till next week so I wanted to upload these quickly before they cut us off again. Sara, I loved this challenge, it was brilliant. Such a different thing to have a go at and even my my man said it was a super cool effect....

I had to have a go at several different effects.....
But, I think I like this square one the best:
I'll update the post with the bits 'n pieces I used later if I still have a connection.....nightmare!
Hey! I am still the flower stamp was "Posh impressions" by Dee Gruenig for All Night Media. The Dragonfly was out of a set of four (of which I only have three), the Delta Style set from Rubber Stampede? If you are the sort of person that follows trends, you are definately looking at the wrong blog. I have only been cardmaking since last September 2007 and I just buy bits and pieces that take my fancy....I am pretty certain that these were both Ebay purchases.
I used dark red, orange and bright yellow stamp pads, no fancy colour types ( I think if I want pomegranite here, I would have to seriously hunt for it LOL).....Hope ur having a great w/e

Thursday, 24 January 2008

Lots to do - so little time.....

I am full of ideas and work is just a pain in the butt. It just gets in the way of quality time, LOL.
Anyway this next one, I am not really very happy with! I love the stamp, it is the Poppy fairy from Joanna Sheen. I coloured the rubber stamp with Whisper pens and then painted in after.....I then matted it onto some Tim Coffey paper.

But, I don't like the result!! I am just not happy with it at all but think the combination has the potential to be nice, if you know what I mean...
So I thought I would back to some basics for a couple of days and just draw and paint a few fairies, trying to improve my painting technique.
I started with the Linda Ravenscroft site, she is simply a brilliant artist (I am waiting to buy her book on drawing and painting month) and I used one of her examples to create a fairy. I didn't copy it exactly, I sort of modified the wings and gave her a sadder face...but more to follow on my drawing & painting exploits.
So I now have at least two cards I want to do for Sara's challenge, some fairies to perfect and in the meantime I have loads of new goodies arrived today............I have been sourcing some really unusual unmounted stamps. I just want to play.....mind I don't think I will run out of ideas for ages!

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Happening Stamps

For this one I used a Stamps Happen "Pecking Order". The quality of this stamp is fabulous although as there is a lot of it, it takes quite a while to paint. I do use whisper & sakura pens for colouring sometimes but for this one I used a combination of watercolours and pearly paints and an old fashioned paintbrush. I matted in on some pale blue pearly card and then used some K&Co paper... Garden Collage. I think I perhaps should add something else to finish it off but I'm not quite sure what?

Water, water, everywhere

photograph of high river water in shrewsbury
I took a few pictures before I got into work this was actually a frosty crisp one but under clear skies much of the country was battling with an incredible amount of water again! Not too far away at Ironbridge there were concerns about the water coming though the flood barriers. Many residents locally had their houses in the water again. So my thoughts today are with them.
On a slightly lighter note, these pictures were taken in a normally very scenic park in shrewsbury. It looked very odd to see the swans and the ducks in the kiddies playground!
photogrphs of trees surrounded by river water in shrewsbury

Sunday, 20 January 2008


Sometimes, I go through the less is more stage.....and it seemed to go that way for both of these cards. I don't know about anyone else but sometimes, I won't buy simple flower rubber stamps cos (short for because ;-))I think, well I could simply paint them if I tried. There is no doubt I need practice but I had a go and this next daffodil was the result.....It is just white cardstock, the painted image matted onto some contrast green and a white organza ribbon.

The next one was another Penny Black stamp but I moved away temporarily from the cutesy animals and used the Eyelett Lace Heart. I painted it with watercolours and then cut it out. As it is so intricate, I decided not to use backing paper, so just put it directly onto pink card stock raised a little so I could put a ribbon round the card inside the heart. I used two ribbons which is something I saw on someone elses blog somewhere. It is a lovely technique when its done properly but I don't know how! So if anyone has any tips on ribbon techniques, do tell?
The hearts were from the "Love" peeloffs range which I think are Stampendous. I really like them, they are very versatile...
Anyway, somehow, I manged to get two cards that look rather english garden, LOL

Have a great Sunday everyone x

Saturday, 19 January 2008

Edwin & Matilda

Well these are my other two new Magnolia stamps. I think it was a card on the Magnolia Challenge that inspired the background for Party Edwin, it appeared that he was in a room. So I just used card scraps for them both but I thought I could make the sentiment on Edwins card as a mirror hanging on the wall to continue with the room theme. I would like to have another go but would like to find a 3d table or piece of furniture which would take the idea one step further. What do you think?

I think I will need to check out Jolee's at the local craft shop and see what I can come up with, I need a shabby sideboard, LOL.
I had to cut Edwin out as looking back I must have been tired when I painted him, had gone over the edges a bit! But, he wasn't too bad to do and it changes the look....
Anyway, I am working on some other projects too (so many idea's, so little time)so so I'll be back soon ;-)

Fairy Oracle

For those of you who just want to drop by for creative inspiration, then I apologise in advance.......and you may want to dip out on this posting. But, much as I like craft, I am inspired by many things. I love my tarot cards but this set is a little different. This is Healing With the Fairies Oracle.
I use it for those people that like a reading but are a little unnerved by tarot and I use it for myself as bit of a guide in life......... and whether or not you believe in cards and oracles, the messages in it are rather wonderful. So I thought I would share my weeks spread with you, I just do three and see what they advise..photograph of fairy oracle cards

So I got:

LAUGHTER This is a reminder that I am perhaps taking life a little too seriously at the minute. "Laughter will help you see your life from a new perspective" I think the fairies are telling me to lighten up!

ROMANTIC PARTNER If I was on my own, this would be telling me that I could look towards a new romance. In my case it is just reminding me of the romance in my life - and I do have plenty of that! I draw this card quite a lot...and it reminds me how lucky I am!

INNER POWER I haven't had this card for a long time, but it is a reminder of the inner power we all have and that it is safe to use power for good, to bring blessings upon myself and the world....and we all need some blessings :-)

As you can see, they are lovely images :-)

Friday, 18 January 2008

Funny Friday

Well that what it has felt was manic, we had too many visitors in a very small space and it got soooooo loud. That meant a headache by 11.00am which was closely followed by a call from my son who had run into all kinds of problems, sometimes its hard to be a Mum.....
Anyway I am trying to apply the power of positive thinking from the "Dog Whisperer" which is one of my favourite programs at the minute. I just love his approach to life and I do that fantastic psychology and think of balanced energies...
Balanced energies or not, I couldn't master the camera.....Are you laughing at me?
I will wait until I have a little natural light for some of the projects I have been working on.............But, in the meantime I had another play with photoshop last night and put another fairy in the New Forest. Sadly I cannot give accolade to the fairy artist, I used to trawl the net for royalty free images some years ago....but thanks to Andy for some lovely photographs of the forest. If you have never visited and get the chance, it is very beautiful

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

A strange day..

Well it was lovely weather for a start, it won't last the wind and rain is forecast back soon but it was great to see sunny and crisp! I know some people think us British go on too much about the weather, but it does have such an affect on ur mood, wellbeing, especially at the minute when you drive to work in the dark and then drive home in the dark! raining in between just adds to the lack of light....please don't get me wrong, I love Britain, it is a beautiful country and the Spring WILL make it all worth while....I just have to remind myself LOL !
We were meant to be out this evening but it was cancelled cos people all have bug type things!...hope they all feel better soon, everyone seems unhealthy at the minute....
But, all my post turned up in one my Magnolia stamps arrived together with some other stamps off ebay, so I spent most of the evening stamping and watercolouring. I also sorted out a load of my craft stuff, so felt quite good generally (the house move is imminent but hey - I did do sommat LOL).
I think I have losts to report but I can't remember it all now, its defo time for bed....its very late!
Anyay, I only got one card made .....but Edwin and Tilda are just fab! Somehow, I just know I am gonna so love these stamps.....I have a lot of ideas brewing in my mind...
So my first effort is Star Tilda, a bit of a token effort cos it was getting late, but plenty time to improve :-) - these are very bright colours for me :-)

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Chillout evening

Hi everyone.....well unusually for the week, a quiet one tonight which gave me some time to make my dads birthday card (its in a couple of weeks). I knew exactly what I was going to make for him, I wanted my chillout hedgie on some deckchair type paper. So Penny black "lazy days" was painted with some pearlised paint and I used some more Basic Grey paper. I bought the pearlised paint today from "the works" for £2.99 and was well impressed, lovely pearly paint....and so cheap!

The other card was one of those that I started with no direction whatsoever, it just sort of grew, LOL. The stamp is another hedgie "Country lady" which was an ebay purchase..then I found a pearly patterned card, which sadly doesn't show up to well in the picture but its swirly pink. Then I used a strip of basic grey, a sticky ribbon from QVC, another pink oval bit for the message and a "colorflower tag". I used a bit of organza ribbon, I love organza, don't really know why....

Oh and I ordered some new stamps yesterday...Tilda and Edwin ones from Magnolia, so am waiting impatiently for them to arrive now hehehe

It is lovely to see people begin to comment on my blog. I have been so chuffed that people are leaving comments, so thank you. It is also rather wonderful to be sent hugs all the way from Florida ( I do hope your weather is better than ours ;-))......I don't think I will ever get to the stage where I am not in awe of the power of the internet - it is amazing stuff how it links us all despite thousands of miles :-)

Monday, 14 January 2008


Lo again, well nothing of note this evening.........I have been a rite grumpy person ( I won't insult our bovine freinds) all day, wicked wink. So I been for a curry, oh was sooooo lovely. I recommend the Blue Ginger to anyone who happens to call into Bridgnorth. A lovely meal from a fat, stuffed personage LOL.........the wine was nice too, anyone else like Peter Lehmann Shiraz?

Sunday, 13 January 2008


Lo everyone,
Well thats nearly the weekend over and gone, it goes by at the speed of light. Managed to buy myself a new pair of boots today and while I was out an Ipod speaker thingie too so have been listening to my tunes this afti. Decide to make a couple of cards while I was chilling..........
First of all I got my access back to photoshop - so (no stamping there) I had to have a little play.........hehehe
So I took one of Andys New Forest photographs and added a fairy. As I used Basic Grey backing paper Phoebe, I think thats what she will be known as from now. My OH said whats with the tassley bits down the side and gave me an odd look....I feel a little artfarty, what the heck?

Then, I decided to put a couple of cards together with images that I had previously stamped. The daisy one is a PSX stamp and I stamped it with archival brilliance. I think the lustre has come out on the pic. Its just to see how it looked to be truthful, I hadn't used it before. Then I matted a previously painted House Mouse, Dragonflying (painted with Twinkling H20's) and used some more Gypsy paper. The big flower is a new line from Lakeland, they are doing pots of various sized paper flowers. Not sure that I am very pleased with either of these, they are OKish....

And thats it, back to work tomorrow.....

Welcome Sisters

Well I asked to join the "Sisterhood" and was quite excited today cos they have put me in SBS 10. I am going to go and have a look around all their sites in a minute...I had a quick peek earlier but was busy tattin' about so will have a closer look now. I think I am meant to say a little bit about me for all my new friends, so thought I would include a couple of photographs of where I live. For those that don't know UK very well, I live in a small town called Bridgnorth which is slightly to the left of Birmingham.
So here is a pic from the back garden taken in the snow last year and another of the town.

Saturday, 12 January 2008

Aaah the weekend

Well, today was a pretty ok day so went off to do some flying, sadly as we got there a friend had just demolished his, due to technical failure. Don't know how to describe this, some crashes are funny and some are sad, this one was a bit sad, he really liked it ....but, anyways, a good day thereafter....
Got back, house move, still on go sllllllllooooooooooww, not good cos ya know it will just be a rush in the end - and its bad for my blood pressure! (lol)
Anyway, I got to a little bit of creativity, first of all, I had post! Hahaha, I had a little package offa ebay, which was a Penny Black stamp "How about a Hug". I just love it, what a big fat cat he is?
So he just had to be used, you gotta try these things out. So here is the effort at that one, I used the Basic Grey gypsy backing paper.....and matted him...

I do think he is cute, I likes cats.
But, I hate to just stick to stuff other people have done. You peope don't really know me yet but I do like a little originality. Sadly, originality takes time and practice to get right (well it does for me). I am using my Flopsy bunny for a few drawings of my the minute they are lacking in movement. But, I know I need to practice . Otherwise there just won't be any progression...

But, hey I don't mind sharing, although I do hope I get a bit better....And now, Iz very tired, long day and was a bit cold out there. What made things worse was as I was out on the field I felt cold water oooze though my boots!!! They have a big hole, the only good thing is tomorrow is gonna be grim (weather wise) - so I have every excuse to go shopping, new boots are required!!!

Friday, 11 January 2008

No time for crafting tonight

Sad but true, it is the AGM of the Remote controlled flying club.......exciting stuff I hear you say. Too rite to get us all there, they are providing us with food - sausage and chips - no less hahahaha. Still there are some great people going so should be a good social evening.........and I have the weekend to play :-)

Thursday, 10 January 2008

Cardmaking Evening

Well my delivery from the postman was a Penny Black stamp from Ebay and my order from Dreamcraft Store :-) I bought some lovely, lovely papers - I found the beauty of Basic Grey. Its all Traceys' fault, I read her blog and had tonnes of inspiration.........anyways tonight was the first night this week I was able to do any crafting. So as there is a challenge being run on "docrafts", I thought perhaps I would do something towards it...challenge is Penny Black stamps & eack week there is a letter . So this week " B" is for bear....I got some nice Spring papers from Lakeland the other day..........and they lent themselves for this one!

Because we are shortly gonna move house, I got down the road a bit and did one for "C" as well. That gave me an opportunity to use one of my new basic grey papers too and I had some rather nice peeloffs. I keep finding nice things all the time....oh well time for bed!
Hi Everyone & Welcome,
This is my bit of e space. I have been looking at other people blogs & thought, hey thats really cool. Well some of the ones I visit are anyway.......When I find out how I will start to put some links up lol but I haven't quite got the hang of all of this yet.
I hope to post up some of my card making projects along the way. As I am fairly new to the hobby, some are not so bad........and some don't work so well - but hey thats what its all about.
I like to do some original type stuff as well so plenty of room for disasters lol
My other hobby is flying remote controlled planes and helicopters.........but its not the best time of year for that one.
It has been windy and raining most of the day, but am about to cheer up cos I have a parcel to collect from the post office hehehehe.......I do so love online shopping :-)