Sunday, 19 October 2008

A proper art site

For little while I have been considering an art site to sell a little of my work. I don't think you can ever know for sure but the one I have chosen is free for a limited number of images and I can always expand, so I came up with this one for my originals:
My Profile
I quite like it that it is hassle free, I might also consider Imagekind at a later date. The versatility is good.....
I have been a little quiet this week> Unusual I know, LOL.... for those of you that like to read the serious side of me, well you will understand if you read my article on angels-ezine. Link is here
Otherwise I have made a card or two........of them bears that trowel their make up in the dark...*loads of laughin'* thanks Teen, cute accent btw :-D


Macpurp said...

thank goodness I understood you! accent and all! *wink*

loved the article! will have a good look at art site tomorrow,

and those bears....
nope they still do not do it for me!

LOL sweet dreams love xx

Jennifer Rose said...

its a nice start to having a site :) If you ever decide to have a site with your own domain name, there are a lot of free templates online that can help.

a message from gillyflower said...

great idea to have a specific site for your art work
you are so tallented sure loads of people would be interested in visiting your new site

Cindy said...

I love your work, they are so inspiring. An art site for you will be a fantastic choice! I will visit there often :D

Loved everything you make too :D

~Cindy ^^

fairymadjo said...

ohhh well done hun, your art work is amazing.
huggs jo x


Chrissy I love thise forever friends card, very cute and lovely colour!! my favourite! Hugs Linda x

Latisha said...

your stuff is great
I think you should go for it and sell some and make some money.

soulMerlin said...

Hi Chrissy ~ essential artwork looks a very interesting site and I'm glad your starting to put your stuff around because it's really good.


ps: Love the bear :)