Thursday, 2 October 2008

Fridays fable - Peace & Tranquility

I am an hour early but I am sure no-one will mind... :-D
This weeks fable is all about peace. Not peace in the world, although that would be wonderful, but peace within yourself.

Isaac Levitan - Eternal Peace

Tranquillity by Robert William Service
This morning on my pensive walk
I saw a fisher on a rock,
Who watched his ruby float careen
In waters bluely crystalline,
While silver fishes nosed his bait,
Yet hesitated ere they ate.

Nearby I saw a mother mid
Who knitted by her naked child,
And watched him as he romped with glee,
In golden sand, in singing sea,
Her eyes so blissfully love-lit
She gazed and gazed and ceased to knit.

And then I watched a painter chap,
Grey-haired, a grandfather, mayhap,
Who daubed with delicate caress
As if in love with loveliness,
And looked at me with vague surmise,
The joy of beauty in his eyes.

Yet in my Morning Rag I read
Of paniked peoples, dark with dread,
Of flame and famine near and far,
Of revolution, pest and war;
The fall of this, the rise of that,
The writhing proletariat. . . .

I saw the fisher from his hook
Take off a shiny perch to cook;
The mother garbed her laughing boy,
And sang a silver lilt of joy;
The artist, packing up his paint,
Went serenely as a saint.

The sky was gentleness and love,
The sea soft-crooning as a dove;
Peace reigned so brilliantly profound
In every sight, in every sound. . . .
Alas, what mockery for me!
Can peace be mine till Man be free?

This week I had a few calls on my son rang me and wanted a little was provided but it took a few hours to sort it! I also felt the need to go and spare an additional couple of hours with my Mom. She had a fall last week and as my Dad says, she kissed the slab....sadly the slab retaliated and she had rather a lot of bruises.....thankfully this evening she looked lots better *relieved smile*
I was of course, also back at work.....
So the week ends. For the moment everyone is there is peace and tranquility in my world for a short time!
I wish you peace and tranquility in your world and I apologise to all of those I normally get to chat and comment with, that maybe I have missed this week. I hope to catch up with you soon - take care :-D



Good morning Chrissy, what a lovely poem! I am sorry to hear about your mums fall, and what a lucky son to have such a caring mum!! Hope you get to do some crafting at the weekend. Hugs Linda x

Macpurp said...

hugs for you ...
hope you mum's bruises are starting to heal.

have a lovely weekend xx

nessy said...

another beautiful painting and thought provocing fable chrissy!
hope your mums briuses start to fade soon
vanessa xx

Inspiration Alley said...

Thought provoking and moving fable. Hope your mum recovers soon and that the help you gave your son solved all his problems. Hope you're well.

Pauline C said...

Hi Chrissy - lovely poem. So sorry to hear about your mum - hope she is soon feeling better.
Pauline x

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soulMerlin said...

I admit when I saw the poem, with it's rhyming couplet form, I expected to be only mildly interested...but it is Really Good :)

So I looked up Robert William Service and found that he was born in Lancashire in 1874

(can't beat Northerners)



ps: I have a few days off next week, but I'm performing Jacob in 'Joseph' on Wednesday (2pm and 7.30pm) Can you and Andy make it over to Nottingham Theatre Royal?

Don't worry if you can't, 'cos I know you're busy people

Anonymous said...

it was very nice especially these lines
"The sky was gentleness and love,
The sea soft-crooning as a dove;"