Wednesday, 16 January 2008

A strange day..

Well it was lovely weather for a start, it won't last the wind and rain is forecast back soon but it was great to see sunny and crisp! I know some people think us British go on too much about the weather, but it does have such an affect on ur mood, wellbeing, especially at the minute when you drive to work in the dark and then drive home in the dark! raining in between just adds to the lack of light....please don't get me wrong, I love Britain, it is a beautiful country and the Spring WILL make it all worth while....I just have to remind myself LOL !
We were meant to be out this evening but it was cancelled cos people all have bug type things!...hope they all feel better soon, everyone seems unhealthy at the minute....
But, all my post turned up in one my Magnolia stamps arrived together with some other stamps off ebay, so I spent most of the evening stamping and watercolouring. I also sorted out a load of my craft stuff, so felt quite good generally (the house move is imminent but hey - I did do sommat LOL).
I think I have losts to report but I can't remember it all now, its defo time for bed....its very late!
Anyay, I only got one card made .....but Edwin and Tilda are just fab! Somehow, I just know I am gonna so love these stamps.....I have a lot of ideas brewing in my mind...
So my first effort is Star Tilda, a bit of a token effort cos it was getting late, but plenty time to improve :-) - these are very bright colours for me :-)


Chris said...

i am in sbs 10 with you, so i thought it was time i stopped by to say hey there!!! i like this card, i think you did a great job. i don't do ppl stamps very i stay away from them. i am in miane with about4 foot drifts all around...i have a friend who is a brit and she also writes "cos", is that how you all spell "cuz"? just curious...take care >"<

Sara Frawley said...

Wow... great watercoloring!
Big hug from a new Sis in SBS-10
God Bless!

JOAN said...

I love the card...and the colors are great!!! I like a lot those Magnolia stamps, looks that I will have to buy at least one of them ;)