Saturday, 19 January 2008

Fairy Oracle

For those of you who just want to drop by for creative inspiration, then I apologise in advance.......and you may want to dip out on this posting. But, much as I like craft, I am inspired by many things. I love my tarot cards but this set is a little different. This is Healing With the Fairies Oracle.
I use it for those people that like a reading but are a little unnerved by tarot and I use it for myself as bit of a guide in life......... and whether or not you believe in cards and oracles, the messages in it are rather wonderful. So I thought I would share my weeks spread with you, I just do three and see what they advise..photograph of fairy oracle cards

So I got:

LAUGHTER This is a reminder that I am perhaps taking life a little too seriously at the minute. "Laughter will help you see your life from a new perspective" I think the fairies are telling me to lighten up!

ROMANTIC PARTNER If I was on my own, this would be telling me that I could look towards a new romance. In my case it is just reminding me of the romance in my life - and I do have plenty of that! I draw this card quite a lot...and it reminds me how lucky I am!

INNER POWER I haven't had this card for a long time, but it is a reminder of the inner power we all have and that it is safe to use power for good, to bring blessings upon myself and the world....and we all need some blessings :-)

As you can see, they are lovely images :-)


Macpurp said...

these cards are beautiful!
thank you for my goddess set!
I love them xxx

Macpurp said...

these cards are stunning!
thank you so much for my goddess cards!
i love them xxx
lots of love to you xx