Saturday, 19 January 2008

Edwin & Matilda

Well these are my other two new Magnolia stamps. I think it was a card on the Magnolia Challenge that inspired the background for Party Edwin, it appeared that he was in a room. So I just used card scraps for them both but I thought I could make the sentiment on Edwins card as a mirror hanging on the wall to continue with the room theme. I would like to have another go but would like to find a 3d table or piece of furniture which would take the idea one step further. What do you think?

I think I will need to check out Jolee's at the local craft shop and see what I can come up with, I need a shabby sideboard, LOL.
I had to cut Edwin out as looking back I must have been tired when I painted him, had gone over the edges a bit! But, he wasn't too bad to do and it changes the look....
Anyway, I am working on some other projects too (so many idea's, so little time)so so I'll be back soon ;-)

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JOAN said...

I loooove those Matilda's stamps. I thought that it would be impo$$sible for me to buy them but it turns that it's not. Today I was looking for them and I found the site to buy them, the shipping is very reasonable. So very soon I will be a happy owner of a Matilda yeheee!!!!

BTW, I love the cards, and the idea of the boy in the classroom is great!!