Saturday, 12 January 2008

Aaah the weekend

Well, today was a pretty ok day so went off to do some flying, sadly as we got there a friend had just demolished his, due to technical failure. Don't know how to describe this, some crashes are funny and some are sad, this one was a bit sad, he really liked it ....but, anyways, a good day thereafter....
Got back, house move, still on go sllllllllooooooooooww, not good cos ya know it will just be a rush in the end - and its bad for my blood pressure! (lol)
Anyway, I got to a little bit of creativity, first of all, I had post! Hahaha, I had a little package offa ebay, which was a Penny Black stamp "How about a Hug". I just love it, what a big fat cat he is?
So he just had to be used, you gotta try these things out. So here is the effort at that one, I used the Basic Grey gypsy backing paper.....and matted him...

I do think he is cute, I likes cats.
But, I hate to just stick to stuff other people have done. You peope don't really know me yet but I do like a little originality. Sadly, originality takes time and practice to get right (well it does for me). I am using my Flopsy bunny for a few drawings of my the minute they are lacking in movement. But, I know I need to practice . Otherwise there just won't be any progression...

But, hey I don't mind sharing, although I do hope I get a bit better....And now, Iz very tired, long day and was a bit cold out there. What made things worse was as I was out on the field I felt cold water oooze though my boots!!! They have a big hole, the only good thing is tomorrow is gonna be grim (weather wise) - so I have every excuse to go shopping, new boots are required!!!

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